1854 September 30 Letter to Franklin D. Richards


1854 September 30 Letter to Franklin D. Richards


A brief mention of the Perpetual Emigrating Fund and a request made to Franklin D. Richards to have a hand spinning wheel constructed, procure materials for the wheel, pay Emma Tanner, and purchase a Sykes Hydrometer for Robert Campbell.




Brigham Young


Franklin D. Richards


1854 September 30


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England


Business Matters
Perpetual Emigration Fund

Item sets

G. S. L. City Septr. 30/54

Elder F. D. Richards
15 Wilton Street
Liverpool, England.

Dear Brother,

The mail which arrived on the 28th inst brought no letter from you to my Office, though an unusual amount of official business to be attended to which compels me to refer you to letters from Bro Samuel and your family, and to the papers for detail, & confine myself to a few items of business.

Please have made the best kind of hand spinning wheel for spinning flax, and so constructed that it can be taken apart and packed in a box for Transportation; and procure 3 Hacks, 3 Purns, 2 Whorls, 2 Spits, & 2 Spindles for the Wheel, and if you cannot have this order filled in the best manner in England, you will be able to get it done in Ireland.

At date I drew on you at sight for $30. payable to Emma Tanner, Great Malbourn, Worcestershire, England.  Bro Robert Campbell, Inspector of Liquors has deposited $10. and wishes you to purchase & forward a Sykes Hydrometer and the Books and other articles necessary for its proper use; in case these articles cost more than the $10. you will make the advance, & Bro Campbell will pay it here.

I forward by this mail, a list of names to be brought out by the Perpetual Emigrating Fund, with the necessary instructions.

All is well in Utah, and the general health is good.

I Remain as ever
Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young