1854 August 31 Letter to Joseph Angell Young


1854 August 31 Letter to Joseph Angell Young


Brigham writes to his son words of affection and encouragement. He gives an update on immigration, the weather and indian relations. Mentions the status of an orthography and writing system.




Brigham Young


Joseph Angell Young


August 31 1854


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City, Aug 31. 1854

My dear Son Joseph,

With no little pleasure I take this opportunity of writing to you before the departure of tomorrow's mail.  On the 26th inst bro Saml. W. Richards arrived in this city in company with Thos. S. Williams bringing a letter from bro Franklin of 7th July, from which I am happy to learn of your commencement to testify of that work in the midst of which you have been raised, even the kingdom of our God upon the earth, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and whom all dominions shall serve and obey, and which is destined to increase as it has heretofore increased in glory and power henceforth and forever.  Joseph this has been your privilege to grow as the Church has grown; when it was in its infancy you were dandled on the knees of a tender mother and received the caresses of an affectionate father; and as you have grown to years of understanding you have had continually the instructions of one who has been appointed to stand at the head of God's kingdom on the earth, the front of the battle; you have seen his energy, observed his deportment both private and public;-- should not you therefore eventually prove yourself a skillful general, and even now able to wage war successfully with the powers of darkness, superstition, priestcraft and ignorance, to overcome evil however it may present itself and preserve yourself a pure and holy tabernacle for the residence of the Holy Ghost, and by so doing you will never be led astray, the enemy will never overcome you, but you will be watchful, temperate in all things, and at all times ready to bestow the blessings of the Gospel to the children of men.  You are away from me now, and among a people who will look more or less to you for counsel and advice, to whom your words will be as a sweet morsel, as leading on in the path of salvation and to be retained while memory lasts; you then need to so live as ever to hear the soft unerring voice of the Spirit of the Lord will will be in you as a well of water springing up to everlasting life, and which is a never failing fountain of intelligence and wisdom.

We also received from bro. Samuel the first news in regard to the state of our immigration this season, who are much in need of assistance as the church train had lost 120 head of cattle and most of the trains lacking provisions.  A large number of teams will start in a few days with many tons of flour to go to the hindmost company, some 300 miles out and return leaving none behind.

The weather is fine, and considerably cooler than in the former part of the month and showers have fallen quite frequently; about 2 A M of the 30th quite heavy thunder with rain.  The health of the valleys is generally good.  Our Indian relations although peace has existed through the summer are at present slightly precarious but our crops being mostly secured we apprehend no serious difficulty.

With he alphabet or characters in which this (annexed) is written, although not perfect we intend to go ahead, and if necessary amend until the system of orthography and writing is revolutionized for the use of our children in Zion.

Sept 1.  The mail arrived last evening, a letter from you was received by myself; one by Mary, and one by Brigham, all very satisfactory.  I now wish to say to you, proceed with your studies, and apply your heart diligently to the study of the Gospel wherein is true wisdom, so will the Lord bless you continually, and you will be enabled to rejoice before Him with exceeding joy and gratitude.  Be assured you are alway remembered in our aspirations to our Heavenly Father day by day.

I now close praying that His choicest blessings may be yours and subscribing myself, as ever,

your affectionate father,
(signed)  Brigham Young