1854 September 1 Instructions to Captains of Immigrating Companies


1854 September 1 Instructions to Captains of Immigrating Companies


Instructions to Captains to care for the people and animals in the companies of which they are responsible. Further instructions to not interfere with other companies without express permission to do so. Contains some details on provisions, funding and Indian affairs. Advice to regulate travel and use good judgment to avoid hardship and cold weather.




Brigham Young


Horace S. Eldredge
William W. Casper
E. H. Blackburn
Amos Fairbanks


September 1 1854


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City, Sept 1st, 1854

Instructions to Captains of the Companies now giving back to assist the Saints to reach the settlements in Utah.


Captain.  You will have full charge of all that pertains to the company placed under your care and must be responsible for the same.  You will not extend any assistance in men, teams, wagons, or provisions until you reach the rear companies, unless otherwise directed by elders E. T. Benson, Horace S. Eldredge or Ira Eldredge.

The flour and other provisions sent back belong to individuals, and those who are benefitted by them must pay for the same on receipt or arrange to do so at some future period, as they parties may agree.  Flour is worth 6 cents per lb in this market, and 1 (1/2) or 2 cents advance per lb for each 100 miles it is hauled back is thought to be reasonably moderate and equal under all the circumstances.  The Captains in charge of the return companies are considered capable, and responsible, and it is expected that they will not be interfered with in carrying out these instructions, and such as they may receive from Elder Benson, and the bros.  Eldredge.  This is absolutely necessary for the sake of order, union, and efficient aid to all who need.  The relief of jaded animals must be so managed that fresh ones be not put in the same team with those which    are weary.  When fresh animals are detailed to the assistance of any one, all such animals must be allowed to be under the strict care and oversight of such person as the captain of the company they were detailed from shall direct.  When aid is rendered a Pound 13 or P. E. Fund Company the business will be transacted between the captain thereof and the captain of a return company, which will enable the captain of a Pound 13. or Fund Company to understand and properly manage all the business of such company, and he will be held responsible for all assistance furnished his company.

As a few Indians have lately gone into the mountains east of Provo City with rather hostile feelings, and as a matter of good policy at all times it is presumed you will all be watchful, vigilant, active and united in the discharge of every duty, and your way will be made pleasant , your families and animals strong, and the elements controlled for your good insomuch that you will all reach these valleys without suffering unduly by hardship or severe cold weather.

Regulate your traveling and camping with the best judgment compatible with the nature of the ground and the condition of your animals, that no time be lost, or idled away, and that you may preserve all your animals if possible, and in reasonably good condition.

Praying for all needful blessings to attend you
I Remain your brother in the Gospel.

(signed)   Brigham Young

Issued to H. S. Eldredge      14  [?]
Wm. W. Casper      1 -
E. H. Blackburn      1 -
Amos Fairbanks      1 -

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