1854 August 14 Letter to William D. Huntington


1854 August 14 Letter to William D. Huntington


Counsel to inform the Indians that they will not be harmed in retaliation for the murders of two young men. Further counsel to white men to treat the Indians well and not hold them responsible for the actions of a few.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


William D. Huntington


1854 August 14


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, Augt 14th, 1854.

Bro Wm D. Huntingdon,

Your note is just received. Tell all the Indians not to be afraid for no harm shall befal them in consequence of those bad Indians killing those two men in Cedar valley. Also tell all white men to treat all the Indians just the same as though that sad occurrence had not taken place. Let no man give way to feelings of resentment in consequence of it. Tell the Indians not to be excited in the least for we are not, and no person in your valley need be. The friendly Indians will probably bring in those who are guilty of this outrage; and we intend hereafter to give up to the Indians those whites who commit outrages against them;

Yours in the Covenant,
Brigham Young

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