1854 August 15 Letter to Isaac Bullock


1854 August 15 Letter to Isaac Bullock


A request for a list of inventory in Bullock's possession and an update on Indian relations in the aftermath of 2 murders.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Isaac Bullock


1854 August 15


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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G. S, L. City, Augt 15th 1854.

Isaac Bullock Esqr.

Dear brother,

I wish that you would make an inventory of the goods which you have in your possession belonging to us, and forward it to this office. I believe that we have got a correct list of them but we have not your receipt for them. We intend to have a trading post established permanently in that region, as I have before told you.

Mr Ryan is here and intends to return immediately and bring in the Indians, to have them here about the 4th or 6th of next month. We intend to meet them at Parleys Park but Wash e kik with his principal men will come into the City. There was two young men killed in Cedar valley this day week, by the Utes we suppose; all however appear friendly and this occurrence does not appear to be any particular movement of hostilities among them, very few if any other Indians knew anything about it. Things progress about as usual with us; the Adobie work on the Wall of the Temple Block is this day completed. General time of health prevails. The harvest is rapidly being secured, and is very good, altho late. Wheat, Oats, Corn have suffered severely by the grasshoppers.

Having but little time to write, I close, praying God my Heavenly Father to bless you, and give you wisdom and ability to perform every duty incumbent upon you in the kingdom of God.

I am your brother in the Gospel of Peace.
Brigham Young

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