1854 August 18 Letter to Isaac Haight, et al.


1854 August 18 Letter to Isaac Haight, et al.


Clothing is sent to Iron County to clothe the Indian women and children. To avoid instilling idleness, they should labor for the items.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Isaac Haight
Brethren of the Southern Settlements in Iron County.


1854 August 18


Great Salt Lake City
Iron County


Indian Affairs

Item sets

G. S. L. City, Aug 18th, 1854.

Mr. Isaac C. Haight and
Brethren of the Southern Settlements i Iron Co.

Dear brethren,

While at Harmony last Spring it was suggested that something should be done in G. S. L. City towards clothing the naked Indian Women & children at your place and vicinity. Upon our return the matter was laid before the people of this City, and we now send you the result. The bill accompanying will give you the prices and amount. Considering this has been got up principally before goods came in I think the City has done very well.

I deem it the best policy to require the Indians to pay in labor for every article, as it has a much better tendency than to bestow upon them in idleness, besides it learns them to work and to depend upon their own exertions for a subsistence. The goods are charged and we expect you will account for them, as we expect that you will get value for them. You can pay in the result of your labors, in grain, skins, &c, which you will obtain from the Indians to Bro Haight who will pay for whatever amount he receives through the Iron Works. Bro Haight will act in concert with the President in Iron Co. in the disposition of the goods.

Praying that you may be blessed in all your labors,
I am your brother in the Gospel of Salvation.

Brigham Young