1854 September 18 Letter to John Stoker


1854 September 18 Letter to John Stoker


Brigham requests six mule or horse teams to transport masons and laborers to the Fillmore State House building site. Includes payment arrangement details.




Brigham Young


John Stoker


September 18, 1854


Great Salt Lake City
[Bountiful, Utah]


Building and Construction

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City Sept 18, 1854

Bishop John Stoker,

Dear brother,
We are now prepared to send a few masons, stonecutters and laborers to Fillmore City, to build the State House, at that place.  We are destitute of the necessary teams for forwarding these men to that place, we need if we can get them Six mule or horse teams to start Wednesday morning next the 20th inst from this city to carry the men. 

If these teams can be raised on labor tithing it would suit our arrangements the best, but if you cannot get them to go on that account we will pay them for going.  Bro Call is instructed in this matter and will probably aid in this business.  Be sure to have the requisite number of teams on hand at the required time if you have to go to Col Smith of North Cottonwood to get them.