1854 November 21 Letter to Tha-tat-too, et al.


1854 November 21 Letter to Tha-tat-too, et al.


Counsel to the Indians to settle down next Spring to rase grain and stock.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young




1854 November 21


Great Salt Lake City
Weber Area


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, Nov 21. 1854.

Tha- tat-too
Chief of Band of Shoshones, Indians, about the Weber River North, and all the Shoshones, Indians, in that vicinity.

I Brigham Young, write a few lines to you to let you know what my counsel is to you, for this winter and next Spring-- It will be rather difficult for you to get a living where you are this winter because you have not raised any grain; nor is there any game of importance near you. I therefore advise you to go to the Buffalo country this winter where you can hunt and get plenty of meat and skins, and in the Spring early select your location where you will feel satisfied to settle down and raise grain and we will assist you to open a farm where you can raise grain. I would also advise you to trade for cattle, cows &c, and raise stock, so that you might have meat and bread without having to go off hunting for it. I hope by another winter that you will not be obliged to go away to hunt but will have enough to live on that you have raised, but this winter, I think you had better go and hunt.

Hoping that you will have good luck and that God will prosper and bless you I am,
Your friend & brother.

I send you this letter by our mutual friend, Mr. Ryan
Brigham Young