1854 November 22 Letter to an Undisclosed Indian Leader


1854 November 22 Letter to an Undisclosed Indian Leader


Brigham returns a pony belonging to the Utes.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Undisclosed Indian Leader


1854 November 22


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City, Nov 22/54

letter by your man

John who is brother in San? to our friend Barney Ward; he brought us back a poney which we think belonged to the Utes. It is always good, never to keep that which does not lawfully belong to us, & to do our utmost to return such to the real owners; by so doing the Great Spirit is well pleased & will always bless his children who endeavor so to do. We hope you are all well & that you may be enabled to live comfortably thro' the winter, and you will hear from me before next Spring that you may learn to live from the productions of our bountiful mother Earth.

I send you 2 plugs of tobacco by John as a small token of my regard for you & your band & remain truly Your friend

Brigham Young