1854 November 27 Letter to David Moore


1854 November 27 Letter to David Moore


Counsel to disarm the Indians and place them with different families where they can work for their support.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


David Moore


1854 November 27


Great Salt Lake City
Ogden City

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Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City

November 27th 1854

Major David Moore,

Ogden City

Dear Brother,

Your letter of 23d inst in relation to the Indians is received.
It appears that Little Soldier and his band are quit troublesome in pilfering, burning fence poles, &c.

I have considered the matter, and concluded that the best thing that can be done with that band is to distribute them out among the inhabitants of the district to labor and earn a living.

As to Walker and the Utes. obtaining presents for their killing, stealing &c. it is not so. Walker has not at any time done anything of the kind; and if some few of his men have, they have been mostly used up for it, and the rest probably will be if they do not quit.

If the Indians will stay where you place them with the brethren, it will very much improve their condition, and there will be no fear of them going hungry or naked. Just take them and distribute them in families to the brethren; and tell them they must work, and tell the brethren they must exercise patience and forbearence, but require them to work, pay them reasonable wages in food and clothing day by day, and in such articles as they need, for themselves and families. In this way they will be disposed of very much to their own advantage and benefit and to the relief of the community, who will also find it much cheaper to support them in this manner, and they will do something towards their own support; as it is, the people have them to sustain. As to making them presents, it cannot be done. If they want things they must work and pay for them like other people.

We call upon the people to aid and sustain you in carrying into effect the foregoing proposition. If the brethren will do this, and manage the Indians properly, they will be doing a good work and very materially assist in bringing them to an understanding of our design in doing them good. You must have them disarmed, take from them their Guns, bows and arrows, and not permit them to have them.

We shall send down Wm. Hickman with Mr. Ryan, and probably D. B. Huntington to talk to and preach to them, and explain to them our wishes, will probably cause them to comply with our wishes with little or no difficulty

But be this as it may you must have it done. Relying upon your energy and wisdom to carry this thing into effect.

I Remain Your Friend & Brother
In the cause of truth

Brigham Young