1854 December (Likely) Message to David Moore


1854 December (Likely) Message to David Moore


A message to be forwarded to Little Soldier that the Mormons are his friends and will give his band work.


Nauvoo Legion


Brigham Young


David Moore


1854 December (Likely)


Nauvoo Legion
Indian Affairs

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Major David Moore.

Say to Little Soldier that Dimick has come, and said that Soldier has done first rate. Tell him also to be still for all will be right, and wait till he hears from me again. I will send Dimick to them again before many days to talk to them. Say also to him that Dimick speaks my words, and they are truth, and not to throw them away; and it is good for him to hearken to what Major Moore & James Brown shall say till Dimick comes, and that the Mormons are his true friends & that of all good Indians.

If the band break off and go away to Willow Creek & Box Elder to join the Indians there, we shall <have> them also put to work like Soldiers band, and serve them in the same way.

Brigham Young