1854 September 18 Letter to Daniel Wood


1854 September 18 Letter to Daniel Wood


A request for a team of masons, stonecutters, etc. to be sent to work on the State House in Fillmore.




[Brigham Young]


Daniel Wood


September 18, 1854


Great Salt Lake City, UT


Building and Construction

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City Sept 18/54

Mr Daniel Wood Esqr.

We are under the necessity of calling upon the brethren for a team to go to Fillmore to carry some masons, stone cutters, &c to work on the State House . We thought as you were pretty strong handed, that you would be willing to lend us your aid in this matter by sending at least one team.  We have made a call upon Bishop Stoker to furnish the requisite amount and if you will have the goodness to inform him how much you will furnish and have it on hand here in this City Wednesday the 20th inst. ready to start, you will confer a particular favor upon us and be in the way of doing good