1854 August 28 Letter to C.A. and E. H. Perry


1854 August 28 Letter to C.A. and E. H. Perry


Brigham advises C.A. and E.H. Perry to not sell flour to emigrants on the road, as they will likely not be able to pay for it. He also counsels against selling on credit because the Church is not responsible for individuals' debts.




Brigham Young


C.A. Perry
E. H. Perry


August 28, 1854


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters
Trade and Commerce

Item sets

G. S. L. City, Augt. 28th 1854.

Messrs. C. A. & E. H. Perry,


I understand that you are loading teams with flour, intending to trade to our Emigration now on the road to this place.

I also presume that you are aware of the inability of many persons to pay for it.  I wish to say to you, there may be loss sustained by selling flour to them on credit, and in order to save future difficulty, it is proper that you should understand that neither myself nor the Church will be responsible for any amount thus advanced.

It has frequently been the case, that feelings have arisen by our refusal to become responsible for individual debts contracted by our people.

We are moreover sending a large amount of Flour to aid them from the various settlements.  This is therefore to save any such anticipation and consequent disappointment.

I am with Respect & esteem

Your Friend &c.

Brigham Young