1855 February 3 Letter to Arrowpin [Arrowpeen] and the Utahs


1855 February 3 Letter to Arrowpin [Arrowpeen] and the Utahs


Brigham sends condolences over the death of Chief Walker and urges no further violence. He teaches that no one has the right to take the life of another and points out that no one took Walkers life but the Great Spirit.


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Brigham Young


Arrowpin [Arrowpeen] and the Utahs


1855 February 3


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City
Feby 3, 1855

To Arrow- Pin and the Utahs

I hear that you say that Captain Walker is dead -- I am sorry if this is so because Walker was always my friend, and I gave him a great many presents, and made my men trade with him a great deal. He was my Brother and I feel bad to lose him -- But I do not want to kill any body else because he died as some say that you do. That is wrong notion, that you seem to have when any body dies that some one else must die, to make peace with the great Spirit as though he was angry with you every time any one dies.

This is a wrong idea and one that you must get rid of and then teach your People better because a man or Chief dies, it does not make it any better to Kill any body else. that would only make it worse, and the great Spirit would be more angry with us for doing that than any thing else. You might as well because one of your horses or Cattle should happen to die go and kill another and another and so on until you had Killed all of them off. You can see what folly this would be, well the other is just as foolish, as that would
All people have to die sometime and although we may feel bad on account of losing our friends, yet when we die, we shall go to them and all will be right if we do right ourselves, all the time, until we die.-- Now if Walker is dead, as you say, and the Great Spirit took him, because he was angry with him, it was because he had done something himself, or some of the Utes or Pauvantes, had done something wrong-- perhaps it was, they killed Gunnison and his party, and one of our Brethren from San Pete, William Potter it is a great deal more likely that the Lord took him, for this for you know that no person was ever taken, and killed on account of that atrocious deed

Now when one man kills another the man that killed him should be tried, and killed also because one man has no right to take the life of another -- But when a man dies, and no man kills him. Who is to blame for that and who could help it--Why no one cant you see the difference so if we do not take and kill a man that has killed another The Great Spirit may perhaps take some one away for it and he you know would take whom he pleased perhaps that is the reason, why he has taken Walker because the Pauvantes Killed Capt Gunnison and Parly and Brother William Potter. I do not say that this is the reason but it is far more probable that he is angry about that than that he is about Walkers death-- because noboddy killed Walker he just took sick and died, just as People frequently do. And the great Spirit is not angry about that, but he would be angry if you or any of your Nation should kill any body else for it. If the Lord wants any body to die for that he will take them himself and does not want you or me to kill them for Him.-- I do not so much object to giving gifts when any one dies although that is a foolish custom too but is not so bad as the other, so I send you a few presents, not because Walker is dead but because, I am Your friend, and want to do you good and if it will be any comfort to you I shall be glad.

It is nothing but natural that you should feel sad because this is a great affliction to lose your Chief and I send Dimic to see you, and try to comfort you up -- I want you should feel right about it, and not be angry with the Mormons for they had nothing to do about it -- If you want to please the Great Spirit, you will hearken to the words which I said and to the words that Dimic will say to you and if you do this you will feel better, but if you do not, do so, I dont know how you will feel neither do I know what the Great Spirit will do about it -- You know that he can do just what he has a mind to and neither you nor I can help ourselves. We should always be careful and not displease him -- When you. When you die, as we all must sometime, you will be glad if you do as I tell you now and follow my counsel hereafter.

I Remain Your Brother and pray the lord to Bless and Comfort Your heart
Brigham Young

P. S. I propose that the Utahs all get together and select another Chief one whom they will listen to as they did to Walker, and make him their Captain, and if it suits them I should like for them to select Arrowpin in his place