1854 September 29 Penitentiary Progress Report


1854 September 29 Penitentiary Progress Report




A signed and notarized financial progress report for the building of the Penitentiary on Big Kanyon Creek.

Date Issued

1854 September 29


Supreme Court of the United States in the Territory of Utah


Feramorz Little


Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Signed By

W.I. Appleby


Truman O. Angell
A. H. Raleigh


Building and Construction

Item sets

G. S. L. City  Utah Territory
Septr. 29th 1854

The United States

To Feramorz Little [S]r.

The following is the Report of Truman O. Angell
Architect, to A. H. Raleigh Esqr. of the progress
made in erecting the Penitentiary on Big Kanyon
Creek, Great Salt Lake County, according to the
Specification and plan of the aforesaid architect.

For Laying 203,000 Adobies that were on the
ground, and charged for in last Report @ $10.25      2182.25

For 106.472 adobies delivered and laid since last
Report of Augt 28/54               @ $27.00 pr. 1000      2874.74

For Lumber, Nails, Iron, Adobies &c for
finishing wall, gate, guard tower & Cells,
according to the specification, on hand,
& will be finished within 30 Days                                 5367.13    


Territory of Utah

Great Salt Lake County) ss          Personally appeared before me W. I.  Appleby, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States within and for the Territory of Utah this twenty ninth day of September A D. 1854 the within named Truman O Angell & A H Raleigh, Architects &c Personally Known to me as such, who being duly sworn according to law, saith that the foregoing Report of the Progress of said Penitentiary is correct and true, and that the materials are of the best of the kind, that can be procured in said Territory. that the work has been done in a Mechanical and workman like manner, and as cheap as can be obtained. or accomplished in said Territory

Sworn to and subscribed 
before me the day & year aforesaid 

W. I. Appleby  Clerk

T. O. Angell
A. H. Raleigh

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