1855 February 21 Letter to John A. Ray


1855 February 21 Letter to John A. Ray


Brigham agrees that they should teach the Indians to farm and a couple men should go and live among them. He suggests coordinating with the Indian Agent about the farming. Brigham is trying to get the government to help with the cost of aiding the Indians.


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Brigham Young


John A. Ray


1855 February 21


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City Feby 21st, 1855
Prest. John A. Ray

Dear Brother,
Your favor of the 16th came to hand per George W. Bean on yesterday in relation to your interview with Kanosh &c.

I think it would be best to put in the Grain as you contemplate, and also have the men take pains in teaching the Indians how to farm. It would be well to have one, or two men go and live with them as they request; it will be a good thing if you can find some good men who would be suitable, and would go.

Now Bro Ray, I would like to have all this accomplished without any special dependence upon pay; although I want you to keep an accurate a/c of every item of expense, and forward it to my office every three months, that we may get it if we can.

I have now some 15, or 20.000 dollars against the government for such aid, similar services, and presents of food and clothing, for which they do not seem willing to pay. As to presents, such as a wagon, plows, axes, spades, &c. I some expect that during the ensuing season, the appropriation of 45.000 dollars will be expended among the Indians when those articles may be procured. Get along as well as you can at the present and assist as much as convenient.
Any amount which is paid upon the State House to the satisfaction of Bro Sam[l]. F. Hoyt will be received for the Deseret News.

I expect that Doctor Hurt our Indian Agent will accompany the Expedition now preparing to go down for those Indians who massacred Capt[n]. Gunnison. You had better call upon him in making some arrangements in regard to the Indians farming; have him appoint the men to farm &c.

You will please to furnish him such information concerning the Indians as he may wish, also enter into such arrangements with him as he may feel authorized to make concerning them.
Praying for your welfare,

I Remain as ever
Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young