1854 September 20 Letter to J. C. Haight


1854 September 20 Letter to J. C. Haight


Concerns commerce with the Indians and directions to keep an accurate account of finances. Also contains instructions to disregard a bill mistakenly sent to the Clerks. Letter was originally enclosed with a License and Bond.




Brigham Young


J. C. Haight


1854 September 20


Great Salt Lake City

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Financial Matters
Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City Sept. 20/54

Mr. J. C. Haight

Dear Bro.

Yours of the 8th inst. was received a few days since; and in answer would say, that the bill which accompanied the Indian goods should not be considered by you as a limitation to your judgment in the disposal of those goods for the bill was originally intended to be forwarded to the Department at Washington but through an oversight or misunderstanding <a copy of> it was sent by one of the Clerks with the goods.

Were it not to inculcate in the Indian character industrious habits, the goods would have been distributed among <them> without any price being asked, but as it is I want you to dispose of them to the best advantage, at a rate which in your judgment is justifiable and proper, and which will lead the Indians to depend in a measure upon their own efforts for comfort & subsistence.

That portion of the goods which you would deem impracticable to sell to the Indians you are at liberty to sell to the brethren & sisters at a fair and equitable rate, and keep an accurate account of your sales, and return the same to my office as opportunity may favor, as I shall hold you responsible for the amounts.

Enclosed you will find the License sent for, also your Bond.  The Bond you will please sign yourself first, then procure the names of the persons mentioned in the Bond as your Sureties, and when completed you will please Mail the same to my office without fail.

Ever feeling an interest in your welfare & prosperity.

I Remain Your Bro in the Gospel

Brigham Young