1856 Bill of Assorted Articles


1856 Bill of Assorted Articles




Bill of assorted articles for casting and finishing type. Brigham wants the best quality materials purchased and carefully packaged to prevent breakage.


1856 April 7


[Daniel Mackintosh]


Deseret News Office


[Great Salt Lake City]
[St. Louis]

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Business Matters

Item sets

Bill for the most approved articles for Casting and finishing Type.
1 Set matrices for complete font of Great Primer
1 " " " " " " Long Primer No 1 with fractions
1 " " " " " " Brevier No 1. with fractions & leaders
1 " " " " " " Minion No 1. with fractions & leaders

Together with the molds, &c. requisite for casting and finishing up type
in the best style.

It will be observed in making out this bill, that we have not defined accurately the name of each part of the machinery necessary to cast, finish, and prepare type for the case, but wish all the apparatus necessary for casting the kinds above named, and for finishing all kinds except the Kettle, furnace, frame-work. and such other articles as it will be obvious we can here better prepare and fit to the machinery upon its arrival, and shall expect a clear description of such articles as it may be thought we can make here.

All the machinery must be so arranged that there will be no difficulty in putting it up, and so packed that nothing shall be broken or lost, and be of the best finished and most approved kinds now in use.

1 portable, compact, lead-mould, with cutter attached, if that kind can be as conveniently procured, if not the cutter may be seperate

1 Printers small Vice, the kind that can be fastened to a composing stone
50 lbs Antimony metal, the kind, proper for mixing with old type, when
it is to be re-cast.

If you can find the brass rule machine owned by the Church, and stored somewhere in St Louis, I wish you to forward it this season Elder John Taylor may be able to inform you concerning the whereabouts of said machine

Bill of Articles
For Deseret News Office made out April 7th 1856
700 reams Paper best news, 22/32 inches
12 " " best book same size
50 " " common foolscap 25 reams of which flat-cap, all unruled
10 " " Common foolscap ruled.
10 " " Common folio post unruled.
2 " " reams letter paper.
3 " " good medium colored paper assorted colors.
12 doz white Bristol boards good soft surface, but not enameled.
3 " Common do soft surface assorted colors.
3 gallons best lard oil for machinery.
12 gallons Sugar house molasses.
20 lbs canon quotations.
20 feet single brass rule
30 " double do
15 lbs pica quads.

8 lbs Great primer 2 or 3 em quads ) These are for Catagraphic
) Script purchased last season
10 lb " " 2 or 3 em leaders) from Messrs Ladew & peers. St Louis
lb nonparel periods for that font purchased in 1854.

We would feel obliged to Messrs Ladew & Peers for a copy of one of the most recent editions of Specimen Books, with plates of the latest patents of power presses if possible.

For the Book bindery attached to the Deseret News Office.
1 lbs French berries
1 Quart bottle liquid blue
10 books best gold leaf
3 Reams colored medium paper.
6 lbs No 25 patent Thread.
12 Skins best Turkey morocco assorted colors.
12 Skins colored calf assorted colors.
6 doz Split white sheep skins,
3 doz Skins of roan assorted colors.