1857 March 2 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


1857 March 2 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


Request for wheat sacks and a supply order for the bindery.




Brigham Young


Horace S. Eldredge


1857 March 2


Great Slat Lake City
St Louis, Missouri


Business Matters

Item sets

President's Office.
Gt. St. Lake City. 2nd March 1857.

Bror. Horace S Ellridge
St. Louis.

We shall want some hundreds of sack by the fall, for taking out our wheat. Flour &c. to the "Ex. Carrying Coy." Meantime by first opportunity send up to Bror N. Groesbeck say 200 seamless sacks, not large: to hold, say 1 (1/2) or 2 Bushels.

Brigham Young

Wanted for the Bindery
6 doz Split white sheep skins
3 doz Skivers assorted
1 doz Coloured Calf assorted
3 doz Roan Skins assorted
3 Reams Coloured Medium paper
1 ream, Marble paper best qulity
20 books best Gold leafe
1 doz bone folders
6 Plough-knives for cutting press
6 bbs ledger thread
6 doz Spring clasps for pocket books portfolios &c
1 pair large shears
6 bbs Braziel dust the best quality
3 Rolls for gi<l>ding different patterns
3 do for rough calf finishing.

Horace S. Ellredge
St Louis Mo