1857 Bill of Printing Materials


1857 Bill of Printing Materials




Bill of printing materials for the Deseret News Office with packaging instructions.




Horace [Eldredge]


Great Salt Lake City
[St. Louis]

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Brigham Young
J. K.

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1857 BILL OF PRINTING MATERIALS for the Deseret News Office.

200 lbs. news Ink; 1 lb. fine Blue, prepared.
50 " white Glue.
12 galls. refined Syrup, for rollers.
500 lbs. Brevi'er C mould, same as bought from Messrs. Ladew & Peers,
St Louis, in 1855. Sorts of same font wanted:- 6 lbs lower case
t; 5 lbs A; 10 lbs. h; 8 lbs. o; 6 lbs. n; 8 lbs.e; 2 lbs p; 2
lbs y; 10 lbs thick Spaces; 1 lb cap I.
3 lbs. Long Primer on Quads; 3 lbs. lower case e. Gt. Primer Caligraphic
Script Sorts: - (1/2) lb. cap. C; (1/2) lb. lower case Y.
Nonpareil Sorts:- 1 lb hair and thin spaces; 10 lbs. Leaders, en, em, 2
and 3 em, for font of 1854.
Head. "Deseret News" in Four Lines Pica Condensed No 2.
25 lbs Pica Clarendon, upper, lower case, figures, &c; 25 lbs Long Primer
Clarendon, do, do., do,; 25 lbs Brevier Clarendon, do., do., do.
75 lbs Paragon No 2, with extra Quads.
Sundries -- 1 set Labor saving Rules, with case; 12 No 355. 12 $-- 355;
Beehive 2038, and 3 smaller ones, varied sizes; 1 Ruggles' Rotary Card
Cutter; 6 doz. Bristol Boards, assorted colors; 1 Portable Lead Mould
with Cutter attached, if to be had.

This bill is made out chiefly from James Cannon & Son's Specimen Book.
We requie Quads and spaces in larger proportions than you have heretofore sent.
The Ink should be put in strong tin cans holding about two gallons each; the cans boxed.

Put up the Molasses in like manner. Put the Glue in a strong box.
J. K.

Bror Horace
When these can be got conveniently get them. Not before.
B. Y.