1854 August 30 Letter to Lorin Farr, J.G. Browning, et al.


1854 August 30 Letter to Lorin Farr, J.G. Browning, et al.


Notification of an impending visit to visit the Indians of Weber County. Directions to supply the Indians with beef, corn, potatoes and bread in the meantime.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Lorin Farr
J. G. Browning
Bishops of Weber County


1854 August 30


Great Salt Lake City
Weber County


Indian Affairs

Item sets

G. S. L. City Augt 30th, 1854. 

Prest. Lorin Farr, J. G. Browning,
& the Bishops in Weber County.

Dear Brethren,

I intend to come up to your place to visit the Indians as soon as I can get D. B. Huntington Interpreter to come with me, he is now engaged in Court, Interpreting in the case of the Indians who killed Bro Week's boys in Cedar Valley.

He will probably be through in a few days, in the meantime, it is my wish that you should furnish them with Beef, Corn, Potatoes, and some bread until I can come and have a talk with them.

In complying with this request you will confer a favor upon me and do good also.

I Remain as ever

Your Brother
& Fellow Laborer in the Gospel

Brigham Young