1858 March 5 Letter to Jacob Hamblin


1858 March 5 Letter to Jacob Hamblin


An update on missionary work among the Native Americans. Brigham approves of the adopted approach to teach the natives to farm and care for cattle.


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1858 March 5


Great Salt Lake City

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Presidents Office,
Great Salt Lake City,

March 5, 1858.

Elder Jacob Hamblin,

Dear Brother:-
Your note of the 19th last month came to hand on the 3rd inst. I am happy to learn of the success and the general prosperity of the mission, and trust that the genial and salutary influences, now so rapidly extending to the various tribes in that region, may continue to spread abroad until it shall pervade every son and daughter of Abraham in their fallen condition; the hour of their redemption draws nigh, and the time is not far distant when they will receive knowledge, and begin to rise and increase in the land and become a people whom the Lord will delight to own and bless.

In regard to the cattle you should control them and use them for the best interest of both the missionaries and the Indians; the Indians should be encouraged in keeping and taking care of stock. I highly approve of your designs in doing your farming through the natives; it learns them to obtain a subsistence by their own industry and leaves you more at liberty to visit others and extend your missionary labors among them. A few Missionaries to show, and learn them to raise stock and grain, and then not eat it up for them, is most judicious, and you should always be careful to impress upon them that they should not infringe upon the rights of others; and our brethren should be very careful not to infringe upon their rights in any particular-- thus cultivating honor and good principles in their midst by example as well as precept.

I wish all the missionaries to aid and assist Brother Amasa all they can in his explorations.

As ever, I remain your Brother in the Gospel of Salvation
sign B Young