1858 March 8 Letter to Thomas Smith


1858 March 8 Letter to Thomas Smith


After learning of an attack Brigham counsels to vacate the fort and return home.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Thomas Smith


1858 March 8


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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Presidents Office
Great Salt Lake City
Mar. 8th. 1858

Col. Thos. L. Smith

Dear Brother:-
Bros. Watt and Barnard have just arrived through whom and by your letter of Feby. 28th we learn the disastrous intelligence from your fort. We regret that any have been killed and trust that the wounded will all recover. We think that you had better vacate the Fort and come home, giving to the Indians such property as you cannot secure by safely cacheing or bring away. Do not destroy anything leave your improvements Fort &c with friendly Indian get back your stock if you can without fighting the Indians for it, but I would not delay any more time than possible for this object.

We send Brother Andrew Cunningham with one hundred men to aid you, in getting away

Your friend and brother,
Brigham Young

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