1858 March 9 Letter to Peter Maughn, et al.


1858 March 9 Letter to Peter Maughn, et al.


Due to Indian hostilities the residents of Cache Valley are counseled to abandon their homes and move closer to the Salt Lake Valley where they can be defended.


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Peter Maughn and the brethren at Cache Valley


1858 March 9


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City
Mar 9th. 1858.

To Bishop Peter Maughn and the brethren in Cache Valley.

Dear Brethren:--
Owing to your peculiar situation being so much exposed to depredations by Indians, Mountaineers, and others who are undoubtedly hagged on by the soldiers, we consider it wisdom for you to come within our settlements; intending to discontinue all of our settlements north of Box Elder. You are at liberty to settle at any place within our settlements, Where you can get land and be more easily defended. You had better bring away all your stock, grain, furniture, and other moveable property. Let your improvements remain standing for the present, but sow no more grain in that place, bring away your stock immediately, and sow grain where you can be more easily defended; by pursueing this course and locating yourselves as above directed you will be the cause of much less anxiety unto us and better prepared for any emergency that may exist.

This is our counsel to you, and if you feel disposed to follow it we shall feel under more obligation to aid you in defending your families and property from being interrupted. We regret to be under the necessity of giving such counsel as this, realizing the often removals and breaking up of this people; but the present prospects seem to require it for your safety.

I remain as ever your brother in the Gospel

Copies of the above letter were sent to Jno P. Barnard, Bro Frodsham, and the brethren near them