1858 March 11 Letter to John L. Butler


1858 March 11 Letter to John L. Butler


Brigham informs Butler of his intent to send provisions to the starving Indians in the Uintah Valley.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


John L. Butler


1858 March 11


Great Salt Lake City


Indian Affairs

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President's Office,

G. S. L. City.
March 11th 1858

Bishop John L. Butler,

Dear Brother:-
Your letter of the 8th. came to hand a few hours ago, and in reply I have to inform you that I yesterday wrote to Bishop Aaron Johnson, (before knowing that any Indians wished to return from Uinta, but having learned that they were hungry), and requested him to enquire among the Indians in his neighborhood to learn whether any of them would go and take flour to the destitute Indians in Uinta, if so, to furnish them, free of cost, out of tithing wheat, what flour they would agree to faithfully carry over; and also to ask them to tell the Indians in Uinta, who were hungry and wished to come into the Settlements, that they were welcome to come in in peace, and that they should be treated in as friendly <a> manner as heretofore and will find plenty of food in our settlements.

I remain, as ever, your Brother
in the Gospel.

Brigham Young

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