1858 March 15 Letter to Presidents, Bishops, Officers in Tooele, Rush, and Skull Valleys


1858 March 15 Letter to Presidents, Bishops, Officers in Tooele, Rush, and Skull Valleys


Due to Indian hostilities Brigham requests vacating Skull Valley and the residents of Rush Valley should centralize under more security.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young




1858 March 15


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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Presidents Office
Great Salt Lake City Mar 15th. 1858.

To the Presidents, Bishops and Military Officers
throughout Tooele, Rush and Scull Valleys,

Dear Brethren:--
Some Indians in your region and from west of you are obviously bent on mischief, and you are well aware that your lives and stock are much exposed in your present scattered condition, and can not be efficiently guarded.

For these reasons br. Webb had better at once vacate scull valley with his family stock and effects; and let the brethren and stock-owners and range claimants in Rush valley concentrate and be united upon the smallest number of locations that will best suit those wishing to combine on a given spot, that you and your property may be more securely guarded; and let a good guard be kept over your stock night and day, and let all be always prepared against surprise and ever ready to defend themselves or to promptly lend assistance to neighbors or a neighboring settlement when assailed. In Johnson's settlement there should never be less than fifteen good, efficient men about the premises. Keep all your horses where Indians cannot get them, and have them always ready for persons to mount in an hour's notice and be off to assist the guards or any who may need help. A strong guard will be detached from your settlements to guard the passes. See to it that Brother Webb immediately removes from Scull Valley. Brother Thomas Box has obtained liberty from br. H. C. Kimball to remove his herd to where br. McBride lives and the privilege of a piece of ground to cultivate at that place.

Brigham Young

P. S. Bishop John Rowberry, you will at once take steps to disseminate the above information throughout the settlements in the valleys designated, and see to it that the requirements herein specified are complied with.

B. Y.