1858 June 9 Letter to William H. Dame


1858 June 9 Letter to William H. Dame


Brigham and others will meet with peace commissioners which will determine the next movements. He gives an update on recovered animals and Indian affairs and advises Dane to cultivate and return home.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


William H. Dame


1858 June 9




Indian Affairs

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Provo June 9th. 1858.

Prest. W.H. Dame,

Dear Brother:-- Your report from Desert Camp May 26, afforded much gratification, and the energy and perseverance of yourself and company, in your operations, are highly commendable.

Nearly all the families, grain, &c. are moved from the counties north of Utah. Govr. Cumming returned to G. S. L. City on the 8 and it is stated that peace commissioners from Pres. Buchanan arrived in the City on the 7th. in company with Prests. Kimball and Wells those of the Twelve now here and some others of the brethren, I purpose going to G. S. L. City tomorrow, where we shall probably, soon be able to learn a few items which may have a bearing on our next movements. On the 4th inst. bros. Teckelson and Cumiff and br. James Yonkerson and wife were wantonly killed by Indians in Salt Creek Canon, while peacefully, and unarmed, travelling to Sanpete Valley.

May 27th, some Indians drove off 73 horses and mules and 6 Oxen from Beaver. Bishop W. S. Snow of manti, receiving timely information of the foray, by an Indian, intercepted the thieving band and recovered 43 horses and mules, which the Indians were driving towards Camp Scott. All is well, and the Lord is prospering Israel

Br. George Bean arrived on the 5th, and made a full report on the 7th; all right.

In regard to your further movements, it will probably be best for you to at once arrange to leave enough of your company selected from those that can most conveniently tarry, to farm as much as the soil, and water will admit and explore around for secure places for caching, and yourself and the rest of your company return home; and you, so soon as you have prepared your map, pay me a visit. All is well.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young

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