1858 August 14 Letter to Alfred Cumming


1858 August 14 Letter to Alfred Cumming


A request for assistance in providing for the Indians in Grantsville.


Indian Affairs


William B Young


Alfred Cumming


1858 August 14


Grantsville, Tooele County, Utah Territory


Indian Affairs

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Grantsville, Tooele Co. U. T.
Aug. 14th 1858.

His Excellency
A. Cumming Govr. U. T.

Sir There are a number of Indians averaging from thirty to fifty, who live constantly in the neighborhood of this settlement. They have depended entirely upon begging their living from the settlers here who are but few in number. This has become a heavier burthen than they are able to endure. On behalf of the settlers (of whom I am one) I would be obliged if your Excellency would make the necessary arrangements to have these Indians fed and cared for by the proper Department. These Indians have always been friendly, and have lately succeeded in recovering three horses stolen by hostile Indians. A blanket for each recovered horse was promised the Indians by Superintendent Forney. The horses are in the possession of the Indians and await the presentation of the blankets for their redemption. The horses are suffering much abuse.

Very respectfully Your Ob't Serv't

Wm. B. Young