1858 October 30 Letter to Arrowpeen [Arrowpin]


1858 October 30 Letter to Arrowpeen [Arrowpin]


The Indians kill two white men and the soldiers kill an Indian. Brigham encourages the Indians to live peacefully.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Chief Arropeen


1858 October 30


Great Salt Lake City

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Indian Affairs

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Great Salt Lake City Oct. 30th. 1858.

Arropeen, Chief of the Utahs.

I have seen Brother Hatch from your farm in San Pete. We know that our enemies would kill us if they could get a chance, and that was what the Soldiers came here for. But they will not have power to do it. I have heard that the Soldiers killed Pinteet, for which I am very sorry. I am also very sorry, that the Indians have killed Josiah Call, and Samuel Brown.

I do not think the Indians would kill us if they understood things right. But we are not mad, but only feel very sorry that such things should happen.

You know that I have always tried to live in peace, and have others do the same, and we have been able so far to avoid a collision with the troops. We trust that you may also be able to do the same. They will go away after awhile.

We have the assurance that if we do well that all things will come out right in the end.

It is much the best to shake hands, and be at peace with all men if we can. You have learned the benefits of living on a farm, in a house, raising stock, and grain, and being at peace with all men, this is what we have always tried to do, but our enemies would not let us, and now they would be glad to have us killed, but our trust is in God, who will protect us, as he has done, hitherto.

Of course we feel displeased to have such men in our midst who are continually seeking our lives. But we expect by the blessing of the Lord to have wisdom given us to enable us to triumph over all our enemies, and make them ashamed of trying to destroy an innocent people.

I understand that the Indian who killed Brothers Call and Brown, was shot, and has since died.

I do not know what Governor Cumming and the Soldiers will, do, but I think if they will let the matter stop now, it will be much the best for you to do so, and not kill any more people.

I have seen Brother Hatch and talked with him, and he will take and explain it to you.

I am as ever your brother and friend, and the friend of all good men

Brigham Young