1859 May 9 Letter to Feramorz Little, et al.


1859 May 9 Letter to Feramorz Little, et al.


A request to provide travel accommodations for a family.




Brigham Young


Feramorz Little


1859 May 9


Great Salt Lake City


Overland Travel

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G. S. L. City May 9. 1859

Feramorz Little and the Brethren in your company.

Mrs. Richard L. Hopkins with her four children is desirous of joining her husband who is now Captain of a Boat running on the Missouri River you are probably acquainted with him if so, you know him to be an exceeding affable, kind and accommodating gentlemen who will with pleasure reciprocate any favors or coutesey extended to his family. Mrs. Hopkins has paid in currency the full amount of her passage down at this office and we wish you to furnish to herself and children as comfortable traveling accommodations as lies in your power she is aware that things cannot be quite so well arranged as they might have been if we had known in time to prepare for her passage before the teams had started, you will however try to make her as comfortable as possible and have her treated with courtesy and respect, you can probably arrange with some of the teams which have little or no loading from Sanpete or others to divide loading so as to accommodate this family and we will meet any reasonable charge for the same at this office

(signed) Brigham Young