1851 November Letter to Samuel Colt


1851 November Letter to Samuel Colt


A request for a list of manufactured arms and the details on each, as well as the terms for supplying fifty to five hundred.


Nauvoo Legion


Daniel H. Wells


Samuel Colt




Utah Territory


Nauvoo Legion

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City Utah Territory 
Nov  1851 

I wish to ascertain the different calibre of fire arms which you are manufacturing, and take the liberty of writing to you concerning the matter.  Please to inform me by next mail on receipt of this of all the variety of fire arms you are manufacturing whether pistols, rifles, muskets, carbines, with a particular description of each, which weight of metal, distance, the particular use designed, also your terms for supplying from fifty to five hundred of each kind delivered in New York, St. Louis, or at your factory: together with the time required after receiving the order. 

Are you prepared to manufacture long barrels carrying 2 to 4 ounce that will uniformly drive a ball from one to two miles, sight the same with telescope, and mount them on tripods.  If so, what will be your cbarge for 100? or 1000?  Please give a particular description of the article and its exact distance; also please give me any information you are in possession of, or concerning any kind of instruments you may be manufacturing suited to mountain warfare. 

and oblige 
Yours respectfully 
Daniel H. Wells. 
Mag. Gen. 
Commdg. N. L.  

To Mr. Colt.