1861 November 4 Letter to Orson Hyde


1861 November 4 Letter to Orson Hyde


San Pete County should not furnish feed for the teams as they are contributing by hauling stone for the temple.




Daniel H Wells


Brigham Young


1861 November 4


Great Salt Lake City
Springtown, San Pete County


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G. S. L. City, Nov 4, 1861

Elder Orson Hyde,
Springtown, SanPete Co.,

Dear Brother:-- Your note dated Oct 26 ult. is received. In regard fitting out teams for hauling rock for the Temple you had probably better not under the circumstances undertake it. It was not expected that you would load your teams with hay to haul from such a distance but would make some arrangement to have it furnished here, also grain if your teams have it, it would have to be either brought from home or furnished here of course which ever way you in Sanpete should choose to adopt.

We in the City have frequently had to send to Sanpete for wheat corn and oats, not being able to get a sufficient supply any nearer. You will therefore see that we did not expect it would be quite so expensive a hardship for your County to furnish feed for the teams

You will probably be able to devise a better plan by which San Pete County can contribute her quota toward hauling the stone for the construction of the Temple.

As ever your Brother in the Gospel,

Daniel H Wells