1861 November 6 Letter to William M. Pyper


1861 November 6 Letter to William M. Pyper


Concerns a claim by Ahmenson that resulted in Brigham's property in Ohio, Missouri and Nauvoo being 'unlawfully dispossessed.' Mr. Brewster is to be dismissed and no further attention should be given to the claim.




Brigham Young


William M. Pyper


1861 November 6


Great Salt Lake City


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G. S. L. City, Nov. 6, 1861.

Elder Wm. M. Pyper
Florence, N. T.,

Dear Brother:-Mr. E. P. Brewster informed me, in a telegram, Nov 3, that Ahmenson obtained judgement in his favor to the amount of $1250.00, when there was and is not a farthing his due from me in any capacity on through any act of mine whatever, as abundant evidence was forwarded to prove.

Such being the facts, I think it high time that Mr. Brewster's services in the
case be dispensed with; and, since you employed him, you will oblige me by at once dismissing him from any further attention to the matter.

Take no appeal, and pay no further attention to the groundless claim, but say, to all who bother you about it, that I have property in Ohio, lands in Missouri, and real estate in Nauvoo, to the amount of several thousand dollars, that I have been unlawfully and unjustly dispossessed of, and by and by I expect to visit those places see even handed justice meted to all. Ahmanson and his coadjutors are at liberty to do what they can with any property of mine as above named east of the Rock Mountains, but they must not interfere with property belonging to any of the rest of the brethren, otherwise they may get more trouble on their hands than will pay expenses.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young