1851 December 9 Pardon of Andrew Coltrin


1851 December 9 Pardon of Andrew Coltrin


Pardon of Andrew Coltrin, who was convicted of Larceny by the Weber County Court


Governor/Territorial Legislature


Brigham Young




Great Salt Lake City
Utah Territory


Governor's Office
Legal Matters

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Executive Office Utah Territory
Great Salt Lake City Dec. 9. 1851

Whereas the County Court of Weber County, did at their called Session of the said Court in the Month of July last, convict one Andrew Coltrin of the crime of Larceny and did inflict a fine of one hundred and fifty dollars in behalf of the said Territory, upon him, the said Andrew Coltrin.

Now, therefore, it appearing to me from the petition of James Brown and sundry other citizens of the vicinity as also from other sources that said Coltrin should be exonerated and discharged from said fine.

I Brigham Young Governor of said Territory do hereby reprieve, commute and discharge the said Andrew Coltrin from the penalty so inflicted upon him by said Court, and fully release him from the punishment and fine assessed in behalf of the Teritory aforesaid.

In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and caused the Seal of that Territory of Utah to be affixed this ninth day of December 1851 and of the Independence of the United States the seventy sixth.

Brigham Young