1861 November 9 Letter to J.D.T McAllister


1861 November 9 Letter to J.D.T McAllister


State side Missionaries may return home. An update is given on the construction of the Temple. The Telegraph's reach extends to New York.




Brigham Young


J.D.T McAllister


1861 November 9


Great Salt Lake City
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Missionary Work
Building and Construction
Salt Lake Temple

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G. S. L. City, Nov. 9, 1861.

Elder J. D. T. McAllister,
416 George Street, Philadelphia, Pa.,

Dear Brother:-In my last to you, Oct 19, you were given full liberty to return home at your pleasure, with permission to take a short mission to Europe, previous to your return, or not, just as you may choose. All our Missionaries now in the States are also hereby given full liberty to return home at their pleasure, of which liberty I wish you to inform each one, personally or by letter, as the case may be, at your earliest convenience.

The weather continues very fine, and as the roof timbers are now being put upon our massive and commodious theatre, with many hands employed, we hope to have it inclosed previous to the setting in of inclement weather; this we expect will enable us to so far finish the inside as to have it comfortably ready for use during the coming winter.

The telegraph wire reached here from California on the 26th ult., and since then we have enjoyed the privilege of telegraphic communication with our neighbors east and west to either Ocean Granite blocks for the Temple are beginning to rapidly accumulate on the Temple Block, and the stone cutters are busily preparing them in the building. The people are generally blest with good health, and are industriously preparing for winter

I would be pleased to have you buy for me a roll, or any amount from 20 to 100 yards, of India rubber belting two (2) inches wide, such as is used for fastening on artificial legs. I would like it brought or forwarded by the first safe and responsible opportunity. You are at liberty to  use tithing money to pay for the belting.

Your family and friends are well, so far as I know, we are abundantly blest, both spiritually and temporally.

Praying for your guidance in the way of all truth, I remain,

Additional to letter to J. D. T. McAllister, Nov 9, 1861.

The Telegraphic wire reaches from here to New York and if there is any thing important communicate it to me, and who ever takes charge of the immigration in the Spring must be informed also that any <immediate and important> counsel they may want can be sent by that conveyance. Most likely your services will be required in the immigration next season.
The belting xxxxxx a suitable ------- ----- ------ you can purchase of Benjn. F. Palmer, Surgeon Artist, 16th & Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

B. Y.