1861 November 27 Letter to William Miller


1861 November 27 Letter to William Miller


Brigham request that Chester Snyder and his former wife decide together what is best for their son.




Brigham Young


William Miller


1861 November 27


Great Salt Lake City
Provo, U. T.


Domestic Dispute

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G. S. L. City, Nov. 27, 1861.

Bishop William Miller,
Provo, U. T.,

Dear Brother:-Br. Chester Snyder, the bearer of these lines, is anxious to have the personal care and charge of his little son by his former wife Belinda, to which, under the circumstances, I have no objections. As he now visits your place for the purpose of bringing his son home with him, I wish you to call on sister Belinda with br Snyder, and endeavor to have both parties view the matter in a correct light for the best interests of all concerned.

Doubtless this will be easily accomplished, as the boy is old enough to begin to require a fathers care and sister Belinda will still have with her the two girls.

Your attention to this matter will oblige,
Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young