1861 November 28 Letter to Orson Hyde


1861 November 28 Letter to Orson Hyde


Hyde should report the disbursements of tithing hay. Counsel to sensitively resolve issues within the bishopric near the Sevier. Updates are given on Construction projects.




Brigham Young


Orson Hyde


1861 November 28


Great Salt Lake City
Stringtown, Sanpete County

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G. S. L. City, Nov. 28, 1861

Elder Orson Hyde,
Stringtown, Sanpete Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:-In reply to your note of the 21st inst. I take pleasure in informing you that you are at liberty to use the tithing hay in your place at your discretion, reporting such use from time to time to the Bishop of your Ward, that he may be able to account for the disbursement of the tithing hay he has received.

Your views are doubtless correct in regard to the Bishopric of the settlement on the Sevier, and I trust that in handling that matter you will do so in a way as easy and pleasant to br. Jacob's feelings as the case will admit.

In contrast to your six inches of snow and very cold weather, we have only a very light coat of snow which fell last night and is fast melting, and very mild weather. Workmen are busy putting the roof on the theatre, which we hope to soon have inclosed, and then so far finished as to be ready for comfortable use during a portion of the coming winter.

Huge granite blocks from Little Cottonwood are being strewn on the Temple Block, and numerous stonecutters are preparing them for their places in the Temple.

Br. Luke Johnson's health is still very poor. Your family and the people generally are well, and br's Kimball and Wells are improving in health, and expect soon to be out again.

God bless you.
Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young