1861 December 21 Letter to John M. Bernhisel


1861 December 21 Letter to John M. Bernhisel


A bond and affidavits will be forwarded. Utah requests admission to the Union and Delegates will meet to establish a Constitution and finalize a State Government. Updates are given on the Southern settlements.




Brigham Young


John M. Bernhisel


1861 December 21


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.

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G. S. L. City, Dec. 21, 1861

Hon. John M. Bernhisel, M. C.,
Washington D. C.,

Dear Brother:-- Your very welcome favors of Oct. 31 and Nov 14, 28, and two of
30 are at hand, and have been perused with much gratification.

Oct. 19 I forwarded to br. McAllister an indemnifying bond, signed by br's Jones and Gates, of the nature mentioned in your letter of the 28th ult. Should that bond not come to hand, or not be accepted by the Bank, though drawn up by a form they furnished, so soon as we are advised, <any> properly required form of bond can be executed by br's Jones and Gates, should you not have previously received the money on the bond already forwarded, or otherwise. The bond is now probably in the hands of br. O. E. Bates, and it will be well for you to get it and present it at the Bank.

Br. N. V. Jones is at present in Parowan, conducting experiments with a view to making iron; I will at once write to him for his affidavit that he received the certificate of deposit and forwarded it to br. Gates; also to br. Jacob Gates, who is now in Washington County, for his affidavit that he has not received said certificate, and forward to you both affidavits when received, should you not previously advise me that the money has already been paid to you. I will also forward to br Jones the schedule the P. O. Department wish him to fill, to aid him in their search for the missing letter. I was in hopes you would have had the pleasure of a personal interview with our Friend Col. Kane, but presume his brother Robert will be able to get the letter safely to the hands of the Colonel.

The Assembly met on the 9th inst., and on the 10th Gov. Dawson read his message to the Members in joint session. A Memorial has been adopted, praying for the admissions of Utah, to be forwarded to you as early as possible. As Act has also been passed providing for an election on the 6th of Jan. of 65 Delegates to meet in Convention in this City on the 3d Monday in January to form a Constitution, form of State Government, &c., preparatory to the admission of Utah, that in case the present papers in your hands are objected to for any reason, you may have like papers of the most recent possible date, expressive of the present feelings of Utah in regard to admission.

At their adjournment on the 20th inst. the Council had under consideration a Bill providing for the assumption by this Territory of her quota of the $20,000,000 direct tax apportioned by Congress to the several States and Territories.

The brethren in our cotton region are greatly encouraged by the late large accession to their numbers, and feel spirited in planning and laboring for the production of cotton, and all other articles more adapted to that locality than to regions further north.

Parties, lectures, and dancing are beginning to occupy the winter evenings with recreation, instruction, amusement, and healthy relaxation from the cares of business and the toils of labor.

The continued unusually mild weather has enabled us to inclose the theatre, uncover the foundation of the Temple, haul and cut a large number of granite blocks for the building, and prosecute numerous improvements of a comfortable and creditable though less conspicuous character.

Inclosed please find an order on Miss Kate Forbes by her mother, which you will oblige me by attanding to on the first opportunity when other business calls you to New York, for it is not of sufficient importance for you to make a trip on its account

Your family and friends so far as I know, and the people generally continue to enjoy the blessings of good health, and we feel truly blest of our God in the mountain homes he has provided for his people.

May God bless you in every righteous desire and effort for the welfare of Utah and all Israel.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

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