1861 December 25 Letter to N. V. Jones


1861 December 25 Letter to N. V. Jones



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Brigham Young


N. V. Jones


1861 December 25


Great Salt Lake City
Parowan, Iron County, U. T.

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Financial Matters

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G. S. L. City, Dec. 25, 1861

Elder N. V. Jones
Parowan, Iron County, U. T.

Dear Brother:-
On the 20th inst. I received a letter from our Delegate in Congress, the Hon. John M. Bernhisel from which I make the following extract.

"The Cashier of the American Exchange Bank of New York requires the affidavit of Mr Jones stating that he received the certificate and mailed it to the address of Mr Gates." On the same date I received from br Bernhisel the inclosed document, (No 31), which I wish you to fill as requested, and return it and your affidavit, as above required, to me by my son Joseph A. Young. Call upon the Probate Judge, or, if not convenient so to do, upon the nearest Justice of the Peace to take your affidavit as aforesaid.

Br. Gates is also required to give his affidavit that he did not receive said certificate, or certificates. To enable him to do so satisfactorily, I wish you to forward to him, by my son Joseph A., the number, or numbers, of said certificate, or certificates, together with the amount the certificate, or each certificate, calls for.

Your prompt attention to the foregoing will much oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,