1861 December 25 Letter to Jacob Gates


1861 December 25 Letter to Jacob Gates




Brigham Young


Jacob Gates


1861 December 25


Great Salt Lake City


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Financial Matters

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G. S. L. City, Dec. 25 1861.

Elder Jacob Gates,
Washington County, U, T.,

Dear Brother:-
On the 20th inst. I received a letter from our Delegate in Congress, the Hon. John M. Bernhisel, in which he informs me that the American Bank of New York, as a prerequisite to their paying a certain $600 deposited with them by br N. V. Jones, <requires> your affidavit that you have not received the certificate, or certificates, forwarded to you by br. Jones for the aforesaid sum. Thinking that you might not have the information at hand, I have requested br. Jones to forward to you, by my son Joseph A., the number, or numbers, of said certificate,or certificates, with the corresponding amount, or amounts.

By calling upon the nearest Probate Judge or Justice of the Peace and giving your affidavit, as above, and handing to my son Joseph A., you will much oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel,