1852 January 5 Letter to Jacob H. Holeman


1852 January 5 Letter to Jacob H. Holeman


Instructions to Major Holeman to investigate reports of Indians robbing and killing emigrants at Mary's River and selling the stolen goods.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Jacob H. Holeman




Great Salt Lake City
Box Elder, Weber County


Indian Affairs
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Great Salt Lake City Jan: 5, 1852

Major Holeman,
Indian Agent, Utah Ter:


I am credibly informed that there are about fifty lodges of Indians on or near the Box Elder <in Weber County> who have in  their possession, money, tools, implements, household furniture, and such things as Emigrants generally carry with them on going to California, and it is supposed they are the Indians who have been killing and robbing Emigrants on Mary's River the past week.

Those Indians are now trading [?] with the whites in the north part of said county.  I wish [illegible] and Major Holeman, and assist in ferreting out this matter, and you will act as shall seem right and proper

If you ascertain the Indians who have been committing the depredations on Mary's river, it is absolutely necessary that you take them into custody or dispose of them in such a manner, as shall prevent them from continuing their depredations on Emigrants.

Respectfully, your friend

Brigham Young
Ex Officio, Superintendent of Indian Affairs