1862 January 28 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1862 January 28 Letter to George Q. Cannon


A large number of Saints will emigrate. Elders should leave disagreeable areas for more receptive communities. A Constitution was unanimously adopted. Benjamin Johnson's daughter inquires whether Cannon plans to be sealed.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1862 January 28


Great Salt Lake City
Islington, Liverpool, England

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G. S. L. City, Jan. 28, 1862

Pres. George Q. Cannon,
42 Islington Liverpool, England,

Dear Brother:--
Your welcome favor of Dec. 21, came to hand yesterday, and was perused with much gratification.

We were pleased to learn that, notwithstanding the stringency of the times, so goodly a number had been blest with means sufficient to defray their expenses all the way through, and that a much larger number would be able to win their way to Florence where we can reach them and bring them across the plains. No doubt, as you state, if no further untoward events intervene, a much larger number than now reported will be able to reach Florence, and we hope and expect to be able to send teams and wagons enough for the transportation of all who reach there on or before about the 1st of July next.

I was pleased to learn that br. Bertrand's prospects are brightening, and trust that his labors will be blest for good to the honest in heart in his native land. It will be best to change br's Vander Woude and Schettlers' field of labor; and as a very general plan, where Elders find a people persistent in shutting their ears to the truth, it is best to leave such people in their stubbornness until a more convenient season, when, peradventure, they will not only listen but also joyfully sustain the bearers of glad tidings.

The Delegates elected from the various counties, to frame and adopt a Constitution for the State of Deseret, met in the County Court House in this City on the 20th inst.; on the 22nd, unanimously adopted the "Constitution of the State of Deseret," to be voted upon by the people on the 1st Monday in March next; unanimously recommended, at said election, for Governor, Brigham Young; for Lieutenant Governor, Heber C. Kimball; for Representative to Congress, John M. Bernhisel; and adjourned on the 24th. The minutes of the Convention, the Constitution, &c., will be printed in this weeks "News". The people will also, on the 1st Monday in March, elect 13 Senators and 26 Representatives to constitute the General Assembly of the State, who are now expected to be convened by proclamation, by the Governor elect, soon after the April Conference, or on the 2nd Monday in April. It is expected that the General Assembly will elect two Senators to Congress, who will immediately start for Washington with the Constitution, Memorial for the admission of Utah into the family of States, &c.

Br. Benjamin F. Johnson tells me that his daughter is very anxious to learn whether it is your wish for her to wait your return and be sealed to you, or not. Please inform me on this point at your earliest convenience, as br. Benjamin F. Johnson tells me that his daughter will cheerfully comply with your wishes on this subject, but very naturally desires to know what they are, that she may shape her course accordingly.

For a few days past the weather has been quite cool, making travelling and hauling much more pleasant than while so much rain was falling, and snow falling and melting.

The inside work on the Theatre is progressing with good speed, and the Stonecutters' hammers daily, Sundays excepted, make lively music on the granite blocks for the Temple.

Inclosed I forward a list of business items (separate for convenience in filing and reference), a P. E. Fund Co. letter, copies of letters from br's Daniel Daniels and Jesse W. Fox, and duplicate for music, &c., lest the original failed coming to hand.

Please keep me advised, as in your last, of the nearest probably number of our next season's foreign immigration, that we may arrange as nearly as possible for the proper number of wagons and teams to be sent to Florence.

Your family and friends, and also those of br's Charles and Amasa, are well, so far as I am informed, as are also the people generally.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young