1852 February 3 Letter to Asahel Perry


1852 February 3 Letter to Asahel Perry


A reply indicating that the High Council does, in fact, have authority to disfellowship Stake and Branch Presidents. Instructions to settle the matter amicably or be prepared for General Authorities to settle the matter for them in a trial at General Conference.




Brigham Young


Asahel Perry




Great Salt Lake City


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Great Salt Lake City. Feb. 3. 1852. 

Dear Brother,

Your letter of 27 Jan: is at hand, and I proceed to answer as therein requested.

Unquestionably the High Council have power to disfellowship the President of a Stake or Branch; or any other person within their jurisdiction: as also has the President and his Council, to disfellowship the High Council.  Again unless all such differences are amicably settled, the Conference has not only the Power, but also the right to arraign both the High Council, and President, and his Council and settle the matter for them.
And I now give you notice, that unless this matter is settled, that said Council do appear at the next Conference in this place prepared for trial.

It is unfortunate that such difficulties should arise, and that to for the want of a little forbearance and due consideration.

It is probable that all may be somewhat in fault; be this as it may a High Council should act in justice between Brethren, regardless of fancied neglect or the just appreciation of their potency, and not permit the indulgence of such feelings to influence their decisions between Brethren.

Sincerely wishing for your welfare, and praying the Lord to inspire you with the spirit of wisdom, I remain as ever truly your friend and brother in the Gospel of Peace.

Brigham Young

To Asahel Perry

P. S.  I wish you to say to the Brethren that there should have a Bishop or some President to preside over all parties.            

B. Y.---

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