1862 January 29 Letter to Bishop W. S. Warren


1862 January 29 Letter to Bishop W. S. Warren


The church cannot pay for emigration from Liverpool, but will assist from Florence to Salt Lake. Approval is given on construction of a building.




Brigham Young


Bishop W. S. Warren


1862 January 29


Great Salt Lake City
Parowan, Iron County, U. T.

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G. S. L. City, Jany 29, 1862.

Bishop W. S. Warren,
Parowan, Iron Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:-- In reply to your note of the 18th ult., I have to state, what youalready know, that nothing but money will answer for emigrating from Liverpool to Florence; and money for emigrating purposes we have not, neither here nor in Liverpool. It would gratify us much to be able to gather the Saints at once, but we are not able. We hope to be able to assist all who may reach Florence in need of assistance, for that can be done with teams, wagons, and men, all of which we have. Further than that we are not able to do at present, and can not yet tell when we will be. I now know of no better way for the brethren to assist their relatives and friends from abroad to Florence, than to improve every opportunity for turning stock and other property into cash, to the amount they wish to assist. When that is deposited in this Office, the Liverpool Office is advised of the amount, and it is then ready to be applied, as advised, on the first opportunity. Of course when their friends arrive in Florence, they can go or send for them without money, or with but little.

In regard to the building you purpose erecting, no suggestion now occurs to me, further than to advise that you make the walls of your meeting room 17 or 18 feet in the clear. You most certainly have my cordial approbation for the erection of the building you mention, and my prayers that all needed blessings may attend you and your Ward in that and all other labors tending to the beautifying and advancement of Zion on earth.

Your Brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young

P. S. The upper story should be at least 9 feet in the clear.