1862 January 29 Letter to John E. Bitton


1862 January 29 Letter to John E. Bitton


The Church is unable to pay for emigration from Liverpool but can assist from Florence to Salt Lake.




Brigham Young


John E. Bitton


1862 January 29


Great Salt Lake City


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G. S. L. City, Jany. 29, 1862.

Elder John E. Bitton,
Ogden City, U. T.,

Dear Brother:-It would gratify me much to help you emigrate your parents this season, but nothing but money will answer from Liverpool to Florence, and the money we have not now to spare for that purpose; neither have we at present any facilities for turning stock, grain, &c., into money.

If you and your friends can soon deposit in this Office money enough to emigrate your parents to Florence, they can be brought from there without any further outlay of money, except, perhaps, a small amount for the grocery portion of their outfit, for we expect to be able to send teams, wagons, and teamsters to bring across the plains all who may reach Florence by about the 1st of July next.

Ever ready to assist our emigration to the full extent the Spirit may dictate, and praying that the way may be opened for the deliverance of the honest in heart from time to time, as our Father in his wisdom may control, I remain,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young