1861 [Likely 1862] February Letter to George Q. Cannon


1861 [Likely 1862] February Letter to George Q. Cannon


Cannon is authorized to collect inheritance money and use it to emigrate Mary Dyer. Details are given on individual emigration accounts and information is requested concerning tithing accounts.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1861 February


Islington, Liverpool, England

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Financial Matters

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Great Salt Lake City
Feby 1861

Elder G. Q. Cannon,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England,

Dear Brother: We have forwarded to the Hon. J. M. Bernhisel, for the Secretary of State's certificate, a Power of Attorney from brother Wm. Pitt, authorizing you to collect some money from the Administrators of his grandfather's Estate; and requested him to forward it to you as soon as possible. If you can collect the money in time for this year's emigration, brother Pitts wishes it applied to emigrate Mary Dyer, Swansea, South Wales. Sarah Marsden, of the Sheffield Branch, has written me for assistance to emigrate herself and two small children. If she is worthy and you have the ability to send her out without cramping your business, you can do so.

Since my letter to you of January 28th I have drawn the following drafts:-- Draft No 240, for L13.0.0, favor of Mary Evans, Birmingham branch. Draft No 241, for L4.0.0, favor of Wm. Lewis, No 3. Bridge Street, Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales.

David Evans of this City, has paid L33.0.0 to emigrate his mother and family for which I issued drafts Nos. 227 and 240, and should that amount prove inadequate to carry them to Florence, you will please give the necessary instruction to have them taken on and not left by the way.

Some complaints have been made by some of the Elders of the Cape Town and Fort Elizabeth mission against brother Stock's, formerly of that mission and now residing here, tithing and book accounts with the Liverpool Office. I here with inclose a copy of a letter from Eli Wiggell

to Amasa Lyman upon the subject. Brother Stock's reply to that part of it referring to the book account is, "The package of books came to brother R. Provis, Cape Town, and he took out books and retained them and sent me, at Fort Elizabeth, to the amount of L9.6.6, which sum I paid him in Oct. 1859, in a draft of L46.19.0." His reply [the bottom of the page is cut off] "Brother Garbet was credited with L9.10.6, on the tithing book although he did not pay the money but promised to do so in a few days afterwards; at the time I made out my accounts he had not paid the amount I therefore did not include it in my account." The inclosed statement of the tithing received and disbursed by him will still further explain the matter.

I have paid your order for L2.15.0. favor of Mrs. Jane Stocks.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young