1862 February 10 Letter to C. G. Edwards


1862 February 10 Letter to C. G. Edwards


An offer to sell an ox for Iver Peteron and use the proceeds to emigrate his mother.




Brigham Young


C. G. Edwards


1862 February 10


Great Salt Lake City
Sanpete County


Financial Matters

Item sets


Presidents Office
Great Salt Lake City Feby. 10th 1862

Bp. C. G. Edwards
Sanpete Co.

Dear Bro.
In answer to yours of the 20 ult. respecting the Imigration of Bro. Iver Peterson's Mother, I will say that if Bro. P. brings to this city a good well broke work ox from 4 to 6 years old before the time of our Train starting East, I will allow him what I think he could be brought for at Florence and apply the proceeds to the immigration of his Mother. Should these terms be complied with he will in the meantime, have to give security, for the safe and timely delivery of the Ox, by turning out to you double the amount of stock to be held until the Ox is received by us. and then with your notification to us of this arrangement being accepted and entered into, you send us the mother's address, full name &c. &c. we will immediately send for her

Your bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young