1862 March 8 Letter to M. A. Darlington


1862 March 8 Letter to M. A. Darlington


Instructions on how to join the emigration at Florence.




Brigham Young


M. A. Darlington


1862 March 8


Great Salt Lake City
Pilot Knob, Missouri



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G. S. L. City, March 8, 1862.

Mr. M. A. Darlington,
Pilot Knob, Missouri,

Sir:-- In reply to your note of the 11th ult., I have to inform you that companies for crossing the plains to Utah will fit out at and start from Florence Nebraska Territory. If you are at that place on or before the 1st of July next with sufficient team and outfit, or means to buy with, you will be able to join a company properly organized for safely and pleasantly crossing the plains, which is the cheapest method I know of; and if you are a single man you can probably procure passage and board in some one of the companies for your service on the route. Stage fare from Atchison or St. Joseph, Mo., to this City is $125 00/100 in cash, exclusive of board.

By corresponding at once with Mr. Joseph W. Young, Florence, N. T., you can learn further particulars with regard to outfit, price of cattle there, chance for single men as teamsters, &c.


Brigham Young