1862 March 1 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1862 March 1 Letter to George Q. Cannon


The New York route to Florence will be the safest for emigration. Horace Eldredge and Joseph W. Young will oversee the emigration. Three hundred yoke teams will be sent. Details are given on financial matters and the election.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1862 March 1


Great Salt Lake City
Islington, Liverpool, England

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G. S. L. City, March 11, 1862.

Pres. George Q. Cannon,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England,

Dear Brother:-Your welcome and interesting favors of Dec. 7 and Jan. 17, came duly to hand, and we were much gratified with the reported condition of the work in foreign lands, and the spirit, faithfulness, and good feelings manifested by the Elders during their Conference in Birmingham and elsewhere and at other times in their various fields of labors.

Your mode of keeping my cash and draft account answers every purpose, so you are careful not to have my cash deposits blended with other funds.

From all I can learn, and from present appearances, the old route by New York City or Boston and from there by the cheapest route to Florence will probably be the best for our immigration this season, as in all likelihood it will be both open and safe. Brs Horace S. Eldredge and Joseph W. Young left here on the 25th ult. by stage for the States. Br. Eldredge goes to purchase machinery &c., and will exercise a general supervisory control over the affairs of this year's immigration, while br. Joseph W. will make his headquarters at Florence and operate on the Frontier in matters of outfit, organizing companies, &c. under advice, as he may need it, from br. Eldredge. Those brethren have each a copy of written instructions given to them by the First Presidency, and without doubt their experience will enable them to be of great benefit to all who are coming here this season. Please instruct all Agents you appoint, to operate in the States, to report themselves to br. Eldredge at the earliest practicable date after their arrival, and to observe such counsel and directions as they may from time to time receive from br's Eldredge and Young, who are the only authorized Church Agents in the States. Br. Eldredge's whereabouts can at anytime be learned from br. Ormus E. Bates, who is Presiding in New York City.

A call has been made upon the Bishops for 300 four-yoke ox teams to go to Florence for freight and the poor, and, so far as yet learned, the call is responded to with great alacrity and cheerfulness, with every prospect that over that number will be ready to start so soon as the weather will permit, as many of the brethren who have sent for machinery intend to send extra teams for their private freight. And since each team when well loaded with freight can bring several persons who are able to walk, as my teams did last year, some 5 persons to a load of 3000 lb, we presume that, as last year, all who are at Florence on or before about the 1st of July next can be accommodated with transportation across the plains. More or less oxen will also be driven to Florence for sale for cash with which to buy various useful and necessary articles, if the price there will warrant, which we expect br's Eldredge and Young to inform us about by telegraph as soon as they learn the figures.

The names of a few persons selected to go on foreign missions have been put on the list, but who or how many will be selected to go this Spring is not yet determined.

The bank in New York City still held on, at latest advices, to the $600 deposited by br. N. V. Jones, but we hope to so draw the lines around them as to compel them to disgorge.

The London Times comes to hand quite regularly.

If in time for this season's emigration, please place $25 00/100 to the credit of Ane Hanson, widow of Peder Iverson, (since married to Soren Pallesen) now residing at Vork Mark, (pr Weile, and Weile Conference) Denmark, Europe, and at once advise her that said amount is in your hands toward her emigration and in your first subsequent letter inform me of your doings in the case. If not in time for sister Hanson's emigration this year, or if she cannot emigrate with that amount of assistance, omit making the aforesaid credit. Br. Simpson D. Huffaker states that his brother M. Huffaker, of Jacksonville, Morgan Co., Illinois, paid $100 to some one of the Elders going to England, he thinks to br. Jacob G. Bigler or some one of his company; please learn [?] this matter, and what disposition was made of the money and inform me.

Our election under the Constitution adopted by the convention went off very enthusiastically on the 3d inst., and so far as the returns have come in we have not heard of a single vote against the Constitution. The General Assembly, the members of which were also elected on the 3d inst., will probably be convened about the middle of April next, at which session--two Senators to Congress will be elected, who will soon thereafter start for Washington with the new Constitution and the Convention and Assembly Memorials for the admission of Utah into the family of States.

The new Theatre was so far completed as to be opened on the 6th inst. for dedication and playing. After the dedicatory prayer by Pres. Wells, and short addresses by myself, Pres. Kimball, and Elder John Taylor, interspersed with singing, and music by the orchestra, the exercises of the evening concluded with the play entitled "The Pride of the Market." The building so are as seated, was well filled with invited guests who appeared highly interested and delighted with the dedicatory exercises and concluding play.

The road to the granite quarry on Littlecottonwood has been so muddy, since the weather began to moderate, that teams have of late been unable to haul many blocks for the Temple; but several laborers are at work to improve the road, and between their operations and the settling of the weather we expect that teams will ere long be again sufficiently busy to keep our numerous stonecutters in constant employment.

Please inform br. Amasa that the power of attorney has been received and forwarded to Mrs Randall, and so soon as it is returned it will be forwarded to him, I hope in time.

Your family and friends, as also those of br's Amasa and Charles continue in the enjoyment of good health, so far as I learn; and health, peace, and prosperity in the truth about within our borders.

Your brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young