1862 March 1 Letter to Horace Eldredge and Joseph W. Young


1862 March 1 Letter to Horace Eldredge and Joseph W. Young


The election results unanimously supported the State Constitution. Horace Eldredge is asked to determine the cost of blank bank notes and printing plates.




Brigham Young


Horace Eldredge
Joseph W. Young


1862 March 1


Great Salt Lake City
Florence, Nebraska Territory

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G. S. L. City, March 11th, 1862.

Elder Horace S. Eldredge and Joseph W. Young,
Florence, N. T.,

Dear Brethren:-- Snow, rain, and mud, mud rain, and snow, freeze and thaw, thaw and freeze have alternated since your departure up to date, and to-day snow and mud, and sunshine and cloud are contending for the mastery with doubtful result, rendering comfortable indoor operations very cozy, but putting quite a check upon outdoor labors, especially rock and wood hauling and teaming in general.

The election, under the new Constitution, on the 3d inst., thought the day here was very stormy, passed off quite enthusiastically for so staid a community as is ours; and so far as yet heard from there is not a single vote "against" the Constitution, thus manifesting at least an earnest unanimity.

The new Theatre was so far completed as to admit of occupancy and dedicated on the 6th inst. The building, so far as seated, was well filled at an early hour by invited guests, who appeared highly interested and delighted with the exercises of the evening -- dedicatory prayer by Pres. Wells, short address by myself, Pres. Kimball, and Elder John Taylor, interspersed with singing, and music by the orchestra, concluding with the play entitled "The Pride of the Market."

Through the scarcity of coin we are inconvenienced in the want of a circulating medium, and I have been reflecting upon the propriety and benefit of again instituting a paper currency. With a view to such a step, I wish you, br. Horace, upon your arrival in New York City, to call upon the American Bank [?] Company <Merchants Exchange, Wall St, and on the National Bank Note Company> in that City, and learn the lowest terms for which they will make the plates and furnish blank bills, for ones, twos, and threes, best proportioned customary use, also fives, tens, and twenties, proportioned as aforesaid, and fifties and hundreds proportioned in like manner.

Please inform me, as above, upon your earliest convenience, and, if the terms suit, I can then forward to [?] for the bills of the aforesaid denominations. We shall probably want some $500,000, or more; and if either or both of the aforesaid Bank Note Companies wish to correspond with you upon the subject, I trust you will keep me advised, from time to time, of the import of their communication

Please add two to the number on your bill of waggons to be bought, and, s far as equally convenient, buy waggons of the five feet track.

Your families and friends are well, so far as I know. God bless you.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

P. S. Br. Joseph:-- If br. Horace has left you before this comes to hand, please read, inclose in another envelope, address, and forward to Br Horace
B. Y.

P. S. Br. Horace I do not expect to have you get this work done at the present time when they are through working for the government would be the time they would work reasonable, we are in no hurry for the notes.